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WhatsApp will expand Conversation Disappearance and allow accounts on multiple devices

Photo: Thomas White – May 28, 2020 / Reuters

WhatsApp is preparing a bunch of new tools for its chat app. Among them is the possibility for the user to choose to hide his conversations and files once they are published and viewed, so that they do not need to record everything either in the cell phone memory or in their personal memory.

Another advantage is the ability to access the app account on up to four different devices, including the iPad.

At least that’s guaranteed by WABetaInfo, which specializes only in WhatsApp news and is famous for introducing several changes that the Facebook chat app is promoting before it was officially announced. And more: the portal ensures that the information was provided by Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook, and Will Cathcart, head of WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp
Zuckerberg talks with the authors of the WABetaInfo website about the new features of Whatsapp
Photo: reproduction

According to WABetaInfo, which published images of the WhatsApp conversation, it was the two executives who sought the portal to spread the news.

“Scroll Mode” and “See Once”

According to the information Zuckerberg wrote in the conversation, WhatsApp is already developing two new options to add to the app’s settings: one is an extension of “Invisibility Mode”, which has been available on a limited basis since last year, and another it calls “Once View”.

The first allows you to choose that the conversations are temporary, that is, they disappear from your cell phone after a while. Temporary message option It was already available in the app in November: by activating it, the user makes sent messages disappear seven days after they are sent.

However, in the current version, it can only be enabled individually per conversation or per group. According to Zuckeberg, this will be expanded so that all conversations in the app can be made transient at once, if the user wants to.

The See Once option will highlight uploaded files and content. Once the option is activated, the content will be deleted from the cell phone after the recipient sees it.

Zuckerberg wrote: “We have already released the functionality that allows you to hide messages in any conversation. We are about to launch ‘Invisibility Mode’, which makes messages disappear in all your conversations, thus your WhatsApp experience becomes ephemeral.” WABetaInfo. “All of this makes WhatsApp messages more private and secure,” he added.

Up to four devices

Zuckerberg also said that the app is working to allow access to a WhatsApp account on up to four different devices, including a version of the app that will be developed specifically for the iPad.

The Facebook founder wrote: “It has been a huge technical challenge to have all of your messages and content sync properly between devices, even when the phone battery runs out, but we’ve fixed that and are looking forward to releasing it soon!”

According to the executives, the features should be available in beta “in a month or two.”

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