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WhatsApp will be updated to block unwanted calls

WhatsApp will be updated to block unwanted calls

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a WhatsApp It is always undergoing updates and we are about to make another update for the app. The goal this time is to help users deal with unwanted calls from unknown numbers.

The world’s most popular messaging application, which allows you to send voice, photos, videos, real-time updates, video calls and voice calls, is now taking action that is more than necessary to ensure privacy and a good user experience. your clients.

Security and privacy

according to the information obtained WABetaInfo, Application developers will make this possible Silence Calls from unknown numbers, within WhatsApp itself.

The tool aims to protect people’s privacy and allows to see the number of users, so it becomes difficult to protect privacy if someone from a group you’ve been added to tries to make contact.

So, the new to update It will allow you, in the configuration section, to prevent people you have not met before from contacting you.

The update was well received by the public who hate receiving unknown calls or messages from people they have not even seen in their life.

This is also a positive change for WhatsApp, which has already been the subject of much controversy over its privacy policy and questions about how secure the app is.

With this new modification, the application will be able to avoid negative comments that the platform does not target people’s privacy, not to mention that it does not take measures that show that this point is important.

However, the public has already shown that the app is essential to their daily routine, because, even amid criticism, it has shown positive growth.

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Despite being in the middle differences And some users claim that they intend to move from WhatsApp to other apps, and it is still the most used app.