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WhatsApp will allow you to use emojis to reply to messages

WhatsApp seems to be repeating its rumors about the Instagram-style message replies feature. This feature has already been noticed and rumors have been circulating about it for several months.

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The functionality, currently available on its sister platforms WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, allows users to use emoticons to respond to individual messages in a discussion.

A new response information tab has been discovered and is said to be working now. Users will be able to check who responded to the message using this information tab.

Feedback on WhatsApp messages

According to rumors, the function of reactions to messages will be available in both individual and group chats. WhatsApp, like Messenger and Instagram, will allow users to reply with various emotions.

According to WABetaInfo, the functionality may be included in future updates, although it is currently in development and not yet deployed in Beta releases.

We believe that for now, reactions to a message will appear below the message, and clicking on it will open the reaction information tab, where users can see who replied to the message.

WhatsApp reaction information guide

According to an image provided by WABetaInfo, the details tab has “All” as the first item, which lists all reactions and then the additional tabs are sorted into individual emojis, showing who used which emoji to interact – similar to likes and reactions on Facebook posts .

That’s why it seems that WhatsApp will allow users to reply to messages with multiple emojis. As per the features of WhatsApp, the user will only be allowed to reply to a message once and will have six options to choose from.

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While the functionality was noted in the development of WhatsApp, the platform is also rumored to be running on an Android version.