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WhatsApp: descobrimos o que acontece se você apertar o ícone do aplicativo

WhatsApp: We found out what happens if you tap on the app icon

Who does not use WhatsApp? It’s not a mystery to anyone, it’s one of the most used apps in the world. However, not everyone knows it completely. What we mean is that there are some tricks, which makes it very easy to use. WhatsApp: Find out what happens if you tap on the app icon!

Well, these tricks are updates to the app. Like the option to listen to the accelerated audio or use the same profile on multiple devices at the same time. However, some updates are hidden.

Some time ago, WhatsApp introduced an update that allows us to access a quick menu even without opening the app. It mainly works on both Android and iOS. But because the performance of these two operating systems is different, the effects of the same gesture are completely different. research:


How to activate WhatsApp list

First, to activate the WhatsApp quick menu on the smartphone, the icon Application It should be placed on the home screen. So on Android if it is not present or if it has been removed, you need to put it by searching for it in the list of applications. Here you need to keep pressing the WhatsApp icon and then “unhook” at the home point you prefer.

How does the quick menu work?

To activate this trick, just hold the app icon on the home screen for at least 2 seconds (on Android one is enough) and the hidden options will usually appear. Basically, what will be different in iOS and Android is how the two major smartphone operating systems work.

In either case, options common to all apps will appear at the top of the list. While using iOS, we can delete a file Application, share it with a contact or put it on the home page. On Android, we may remove, uninstall, or change its name. Then the other options will appear, the same quick menu.

On Android, we’ll see quick access to the camera and then to the four chats we’ve interacted with recently. Finally, on iOS, there will be icons to show our QR code (very useful for someone to add us quickly), to open the camera, to start a new conversation or to search existing chats. WhatsApp: We found out what happens if you tap on the app icon and now you know!


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