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WhatsApp updates option that allows you to provide more information about the contact

WhatsApp updates option that allows you to provide more information about the contact

Contact Information feature in The WhatsApp It has been updated. The messenger was already testing the new themes on the iOS platform, and now it has started releasing it to other users, including those using the Android operating system.

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The option allows the user to query the business account details of the application. The changes made were subtle, making calls, chats and video calls easier to access. The contact buttons are placed below the profile. Moreover, the functions and other information remain the same as before. In terms of features, nothing has changed.

In recent days, the “Group info” option has also undergone a slight update. Changes have been made to make the display more intuitive and logical, as well as providing a more consistent look.

It is noteworthy that changes are coming to users The WhatsApp Gradually, this way, there is no way to predict when everyone will have access to the new design. Moreover, if you really want to use the tool, just install the beta version of the messaging app, which is freely available for Android and iOS.

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WhatsApp Web that does not require a cell phone connection has already been launched

Feature that does not require the use of a cell phone to access the web version of The WhatsApp It is provided little by little. The functionality has been tested since July and is now rolling out to users.

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With the update, users will be able to use the messenger without their mobile phone connected to the browser. The platform can be used on up to four different computers independently.

However, the main device for the account is the cell phone, but the device does not need to be the host for all browser connections, not even to run the web messenger.

according to The WhatsAppRolling out multi-device access continues slowly for more users. “This is not an official launch, but a continuation of this process started a few months ago,” he said.

“This new feature will allow those who have their apps properly updated to use the platform on up to four linked devices without having to connect their phones,” he continued.

Previous web version

Before developing the new function, it was a file connection The WhatsApp The phone to the computer was “inverted”, and the device that actually sent the messages was the smartphone.

In this way, the device that was responsible for the encryption function, further securing the messages. Therefore, when the cell phone is disconnected from the Internet or the battery is dead, for example, it is not possible to continue using the messenger on the computer.

Current web version

right Now The WhatsApp It will use a system to synchronize messages between the cell phone and other connected devices, so that the application is multi-process. In order to use the web messenger, it will still be necessary to scan the QR code for the initial connection.

However, you will still need to take some steps to link a file The WhatsApp From mobile to web or desktop. It is enough to unlock the device in a biometric way (with face or fingerprint recognition). The intent is to avoid unwanted access that makes cloning and account theft possible.