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WhatsApp testing tool to hide online status

new function for file The WhatsApp It is under testing and should satisfy many messaging users. Everyone has already faced the urge to remain anonymous. Although the perception of the message can be camouflaged, with blue dashes, “Online” can report you. Is it possible to read and reply to messages on WhatsApp without appearing ‘connected’? Now it will be.

First, it is worth noting that the application does not have settings to hide the active status, or “Online”. Anyone, even if they are not your contact, can see the message.

Likewise, anyone can see when you are typing a text or recording an audio. There are also no ways to hide messages denouncing your work.

The only official way to achieve this is Block the contact. However, upon blocking, you will not receive messages from that person. In general, this is also not the intention of those who want to remain anonymous.

New available for WhatsApp Business

However, users of the “commercial” version of the application can test the hiding function “online”. In addition, the “last seen” status will not appear either.

What’s new is in beta (for testing) on ​​Android. This discovery was revealed by the specialized website WABetaInfo.

According to the portal, the new one is available for merchant accounts that use Beta version for Android. For this reason, you can still view the online status in WhatsApp Web and in the iPhone (iOS) app.

Since the feature is still in the testing phase, some doubts remain in the air. For example, it is not known if the change will be mandatory for WhatsApp Business accounts.

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There is still much to be tested. Maybe the option to hide “Internet” is here to stay, and who knows, it’ll make it to the default app.

Beware of external programs

There are some websites and apps that hide user status. Thus, it cannot show when you are online or sending a message.

However, for these programs to work, you need to provide data from the app and your device. This requirement does not appear to be very secure. After all, there is really no security or guarantee whatsoever.

WhatsApp does not recommend any third-party software to perform in-app actions. The goal is to ensure the security of each user’s data.

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