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WhatsApp now hides 'last seen' from some people

WhatsApp now hides ‘last seen’ from some people

If you want to avoid annoying people, you can hide contact information specific Create a new chat window with them and then hide them instantly. The The WhatsApp This feature has been available for a few months now.

They added it to the beta version of the app this weekend, so you can try it out and convince your friends to do it too!

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If you’re in the beta, open a chat and tap the three-dot menu button at the top right of the screen. Then select “Settings”.

From here, choose “Privacy Settings,” which will take you to a screen that offers information options visible to your contacts.

If you are using an iPhone, you can test the feature in the beta version of WhatsApp if it has already been released for your platform. It hasn’t been announced for most Android platforms at the moment, but the functionality is already on Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

The functionality has been in development since November of last year. At the time, a niche website revealed an option for “My contacts except…” in the “Last Seen” settings. When you add contacts to the list of exceptions, only the added people will be able to access the visa information at last.

So if you don’t share your view status, other people can’t see you on your phone, so if your contacts don’t know if you’re online, they can’t control what WhatsApp does. It is worth noting that when you include a contact in this list, their information will not be available to you either.

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Other new messaging features

Some users are complaining about the recent update which brought a redesigned contacts screen with the most frequent contacts and recent conversations.

The messaging app will release a beta update soon so you can send your messages more easily to anyone. This functionality comes at a time when many users have been looking for ways to control their privacy regarding some of their contacts.

The Last Seen feature was developed with the aim of bringing people together and even acting as security information in some cases, but unfortunately it ended up being used negatively by many users.

Since this feature can be used negatively by some and positively by others, the platform realized that the best solution was to let users choose who they want to share status with.