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WhatsApp launches a function to listen to the audio before sending;  understand

WhatsApp launches a function to listen to the audio before sending; understand

Previously, WhatsApp users could only hear an audio message after it was sent. But now the company has announced a new update that will help those who need to rethink what they download and rate their audio. The announcement made this Tuesday (12/14) is an update that allows Hear the sound before To be sent to the contact.

The platform will allow recording of two audio modes. At first, hold the microphone icon in the chat pane and thus make the recording sent directly. Or, also, in the second option, which is through the “hands-free” feature, to listen to the audio before sending it.

The hands-free feature is already there. Just pull the microphone up and release it. However, it did not offer the option to listen first. Usually, updates from WhatsApp and even from other platforms are released gradually. Therefore, some people may not have it yet.

Record and listen before sending

The process of recording and listening before sending is very simple. Simply select the conversation with the respective contact and tap on it. In the part where you are writing the message, scroll to the microphone icon, swipe up and release. The recording will start and when it is finished, click on the stop icon. Then click play to listen.

If the audio is not the way you want it to and you no longer want to send it, just tap trash icon. Another important detail, in this update, is that if, for some reason, you start recording audio, you need to interrupt it, just tap Pause and then Resume.

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