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O Brasil tem sido grande foco do aplicativo de mensagens WhatsApp

WhatsApp is trying to add new features in Brazil

Company WhatsApp Goal, wants to add new features to the app in Brazil. Among the innovations is the implementation of a mechanism for users to find companies and make purchases. The messaging app will also have a directory feature, which has a structure with phone contacts and has been tested in Sao Paulo since last year.

Brazil was one of the first countries to get the search feature, along with the UK, Colombia, Mexico and Indonesia, with local institutions listed. The aim of the improvements is to facilitate the process of searching for establishments and making purchases. WhatsApp seeks to turn the app into a commercial engine and generate ads through advertising revenue. Click advertising revenue can be around $1.5 billion (R$8 billion) annually.

News on the way

Meta App seeks to experiment with new payment methods by chat And expand the trading experience through the messenger. The feature is likely to expand worldwide in the coming months.

The new tool is currently available for Android devices, with no expectations for iOS devices. To access it, open the New Chat tab and find a facility in the Companies field, with the ability to select a few locations.

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