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WhatsApp is coming to an end for many iOS devices;  See if you are on the list

WhatsApp is coming to an end for many iOS devices; See if you are on the list

WhatsApp is over for many iOS devices. Namely, from time to time the applications installed on smartphones are updated.

These updates are essential whenever new functionality is developed in apps, and WhatsApp is no different. So, there are many smartphones which are not able to support app developments.

In this case, it was some iOS devices that became incompatible with WhatsApp and should be discarded from March. Check out the list below.

WhatsApp is over for many iOS devices, find out which ones they are. Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia

WhatsApp: the end of many iOS devices

As mentioned earlier, some iPhones will be incompatible with the messaging app due to new updates. That is, they will lose access to the application.

Because of this, WhatsApp is coming to an end for many iOS devices next month. Check the list and find out if your device is included:

  • iPhone 6s.
  • iPhone SE.
  • iPhone 6S Plus.

Inactivity will start from March 1st. Due to the lack of updates, these old phones are no longer compatible with advanced technological innovations.

WhatsApp, for example, being the most used messaging application in the world, especially in Brazil, is constantly undergoing updates to fix bugs and improve the platform, as well as more functionality and security.

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iOS without WhatsApp will stop working in March?

In addition to the fact that WhatsApp is gone for many iOS devices, another reason why access is closed is that the operating system of the device itself is outdated.

When this happens, the messaging app also fails to work properly, as was the case with those iPhone models on the list.

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That is, WhatsApp, as well as other applications, require some basic system requirements in order to function properly. However, if devices do not have such a minimum level of support, users are left without access to the network.

It is worth noting that this change is scheduled for March 1, but it is not immediate. This action is a way to alert users to be aware of such devices.

This is because the software determines the significant useful life of the electronic devices, which in turn can become obsolete in the physical part as well. Therefore, if the operating system is no longer supported or updated, it poses a security risk.

If they are looking for other means to update their device, it is possible that they will still have access to the basic services of the platform, such as: sending messages, photos, videos, calls, and other features.

Otherwise, it will be necessary to change the iOS smartphone to a more modern one with version 12.1. Only then will it be possible to recover messages and files. Therefore, it is important for the user to always check the version, uBecause it is recommended to keep mobile devices with the latest version of the app.

It is worth noting that if WhatsApp is out for many iOS devices, it is because the updates cannot be compatible with the new installed version.

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