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WhatsApp announces new features in voice messages

WhatsApp: How to use new message interactions

WhatsApp recently announced that it will launch for all users the feedback functionality in Messages in Chats Application. The news came to celebrate Mark ZuckerbergMeta CEO, on Facebook. “Reactions on WhatsApp started pouring in today,” followed by the gem, heart, laughter, tears, amazement, and emojis of celebration.

This is even emoji Available for interaction at the moment, but there are already tests so that any number can be used in the not too distant future.

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Reaction stickers appear right below the messages. However, to be able to reply on WhatsApp, users have to make sure that their app is on the latest version, so open your App Store Android or iOS And see if you don’t need to make any updates.

In addition, feedback, at the moment, is only available for the mobile version of the platform, that is, it is not possible to reply to messages on WhatsApp Web.

How to use reactions on WhatsApp

1 – Make sure that the application is in the latest version;

2 – Select the message you want to reply to and hold down;

3 – Emoji will appear, choose one of the six options;

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4 – The chosen emoji will appear in the corner of the message. To remove it, just tap on the message again.

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WhatsApp greatly increases the file size limit when transferring

In the same week it was launched emoji reactions and started in release Communities in parts of the world (not Brazil), WhatsApp has also significantly increased the file size limit for transfer. Now the Prophet accepts Files up to 2 GBwhile maintaining end-to-end encryption.

The increase is significant considering that, previously, this limit was only 100MB. However, the new version is gradually being rolled out worldwide and may take a few days to reach all users. A counter showing the remaining conversion time has also been added.

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