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WhatsApp fixes a serious security breach;  Update your application!

WhatsApp fixes a serious security breach; Update your application!

a The WhatsApp I know that Security bug fix Found in serious Messaging app in the last days. The vulnerability allowed the hacker to infect the victim’s cell phone remotely using malware (virus) during a video call.

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A cybercriminal might use this vulnerability to execute code and send a video call request to the user. With this, he can control the messenger and access the victim’s information.

The bug is found in versions older than of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business for Android and Iphone (iOS). According to TechCrunch, a company spokesperson said the issue was a consequence and that there was “no evidence of exploitation” of the breach.

Another “bug” that allowed a hacker to send a video to the user has also been fixed in this update.

How is WhatsApp updated?

To find out if your app is using a vulnerable version, access the Settings menu and Help option and check if the system is below version On Android phones, tap the three dots on the screen, then “Settings”, then “Application data.”

if The WhatsApp Out of date, just enter Play Store or App Store and download the latest version of the tool.

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