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WhatsApp: Find out who sent you a message without picking up your phone

a The WhatsApp It is the most popular messaging app in the world. Through messenger, users can communicate with anyone from anywhere in the world.

Thus, given the variety of conversations and communications, there may be those that require urgent responses, and others may be priority contacts.

Hence, the need for users The WhatsApp To use different voices for each contact. The function allows, even without approaching the cell phone, to identify the person sending the message.

So check out how to make this change in the app.

How to know who sent you a text message by voice

The modification can be done quickly and simply through WhatsApp. Check step by step:

for iOS

  • access to WhatsApp;
  • Click on the chat of the person (or group) you want to assign the sound to;
  • tap on the chat name of the person or group;
  • Click on the “Wallpaper and sound” option;
  • Once done, click on “Customize Ringtone”;
  • Choose between “Alert Tones” and “Classic”.
  • Click Save and you’re done.

for Android devices

  • access to WhatsApp;
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner, inside the conversation with the person;
  • Select the option “View contact”;
  • At the bottom of the media pane, click on custom notifications;
  • Turn on personalization and choose your preferred sound.

Will I be charged for using WhatsApp?

Currently , The WhatsApp It is the most used messaging app in the country. However, there is a new notice about charging for use WhatsApp Premium It left doubts to many users.

According to Meta, the new version of the app is going through a series of updates, which will make it even better. However, many have questioned whether the use of The WhatsApp It will be borne by the company responsible for the application.

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Will WhatsApp Premium be charged?

To resolve users’ doubts, Meta has informed that there will be no charges for sending messages through it The WhatsApp🇧🇷 According to the company, the premium version of the app is a more updated version of the app whatsapp business🇧🇷

This method is for those who own a business and want to communicate with their customers. The version is widely used by MEI (Small Individual Entrepreneurs), shop owners and other entrepreneurs.

Meta taught that the purpose of WhatsApp Premium It is to simplify the day-to-day business, enabling improvements in their sales and closing deals. The changes will allow users to add up to ten devices to their accounts and will also be able to customize links with the company name in the URL.

When will WhatsApp Premium be released?

Many users are already waiting for the paid version of WhatsApp to launch. However, the service still has a deadline to go live. What is known so far is that the “feature” will target users of business messengers.

a The WhatsApp It is the most used instant messaging platform in Brazil. However, some information about charging for use WhatsApp Premium It left a lot of doubts among the users.

Firstly, it is important to mention that the new version of the messenger goes through a series of innovations, which make it even more complete. However, as already mentioned, many are wondering whether to use The WhatsApp Meta, the company responsible for the application, will charge a fee.

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