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WhatsApp contains 14 “secret” posts that not many people know about

Did you know this? The WhatsApp Does it offer some functions that can make our lives easier by dramatically improving daily activities? You might already know some and use them, but most of them are still unknown to many people. See below 14 “secret” posts for WhatsApp.

1 – Make video calls from the desktop

At this time of the pandemic, video calling is becoming more and more popular, whether to talk to family members, distant colleagues or business meetings. With the service available for Windows and macOS through WhatsApp Desktop you can make audio and video calls for the desktop version of messenger.

2 – Use bold, italic, or strikethrough messages

Can you also learn how to type in bold and italic on WhatsApp? Just put these symbols * _ _ ~ ~ before your text and it will be in bold, Diagonal Or strikethrough in a row.

3 – Do not alert that the sound has been heard

You don’t want people to know you’ve heard a sound. Now, the microphone remains gray even after playing the sound. The suspicion is, in fact, that the functionality is a bug, as it has not been released for Android.

5 – Download videos without sound

You can also download videos without sound through the app. The function mutes the recording before sending it to a contact. This feature is especially useful in situations where the video audio has problems or when the movie is being recorded in a very noisy location.

4 – Send a message to all contacts

It is not necessary to copy and paste the message or forward it on WhatsApp. You can now send a message to all contacts at once. Thus, it can save time for message identification and forwarding, as you can create a ‘room’ of up to 250 users.

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6 – Silence the contact forever

Now it is also possible to silence groups forever. This is one of the jobs that users who want to break free from groups that send a lot of messages expect. The feature disables group chat notifications indefinitely.

7 – Delete messages automatically

The function must be enabled in each conversation individually and all messages automatically deleted after seven days. This is a way to exclude media content received in the conversation, including pictures, audios, and videos. However, if the file is downloaded to the phone, WhatsApp will not be able to delete the media from the smartphone gallery.

8 – Change the color of the notification light

On Android, you can change the color of the light that blinks when you receive some WhatsApp notifications. This is a good way to let you know which app is “launching” according to the light. You only need to access the three dots in the upper right corner> Settings> Notifications> Light.

9 – Find stickers

When searching for the perfect sticker to respond to a contact, just look for it Stickers Using keywords, this medium still many people do not know. The feature works in a similar way to search for GIFs and emojis on the platform, and it creates categories to make it easier to search for stickers. Even fun stickers can pop up that people don’t use often.

10 – Send with or without input

The default is that when you use the Enter key on the keyboard, it sends the message immediately. However, if you want to skip a line (just like on a computer), you can tweak this setting.

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11- Adjust the video size

In video calls with many contacts, the screen is divided into small squares with all the participants, advice to solve this problem is to fix one window on the screen to expand the contact picture during the procedure.

To do this, click on the desired window and press it for a few seconds until the video takes up most of the cell phone screen. To return to the original configuration, tap the screen again for a few seconds.

12 Backup to free up cell phone space

You can free up space to be able to download files or applications, to do so and to get more space in the phone memory, and to backup conversations and data. This way, you will be saved if you change your phone and also stop using the phone memory. Do the following: Go to Settings> Conversations> Chat Backup.

13 – Decide who can add you to groups

Choose who can add you to groups. The privacy setting prevents certain contacts from adding you to groups that you do not want to join. To be able to do this, access WhatsApp’s settings and click “Account”.

After that, access the “Privacy” tab and click on the “Groups” option. Select the option “My contacts, except …” and then select the contacts you want to prevent from adding to group chats.

14- Saving mobile data

Save your mobile data so you don’t run out of internet. IPhone (iOS) users can configure from the phone settings. The function prevents downloading media files when using mobile data and thus it is possible to save 4G from internet.

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To activate the function, go to “Settings” and tap on “Cellular”, then click on “Cellular data options” and activate the switch next to “Data saving mode”.

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