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WhatsApp now hides 'last seen' from some people

WhatsApp changes its name and adds functions to recover messages

Few people know this, but The WhatsApp Its name was recently changed and this information can be checked within the app itself. Also, other updates have been implemented and it is possible to recover messages that you have deleted only for your platform user.

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WhatsApp changed?

The giant Meta company is constantly updating its product data. One of them is WhatsApp, which recently changed its name and few people know about it. See how you can access this information.

Now the messaging app has a new brand name and here we show you how you can check it:

1 – Open the app

2 – In the upper right corner you will find the list of three dots

3 – After opening it, click on the “Settings” option.

4 – Now you should go to the “Help” option

5 – A new menu will appear where at the end the option “Application Information” will appear

6 – There the new name will appear: WhatsApp Messenger.

How to recover deleted “For Me” messages

It is common for some messages from The WhatsApp It was accidentally erased and can no longer be restored. However, one of the novelties of the platform is a new system for reactivating messages. It works only for those files that have been deleted only for the user himself, that is, where the “Delete for me” option is activated.

Thinking that you should not suffer from deleting messages, the developers of WhatsApp are working on this problem. In fact, it is already possible to do this in the latest iOS beta (for Iphone).

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Although it is not yet possible for Android users to take advantage of this feature, recently WABetaInfo revealed that among the new WhatsApp updates is the undo function to recover accidentally deleted messages. However, it will only take a few seconds to undo the error.