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WhatsApp acquires chatbots played by celebrities;  See how it works

WhatsApp acquires chatbots played by celebrities; See how it works

Credits: Reproduction/Meta

WhatsApp and Instagram will have AI-powered chatbots

Meta is reinventing the way users interact with AI. This time, the company announced on Wednesday 27th, the arrival of AI-powered chatbots, played by famous personalities, to its popular messaging programs – WhatsAppMessenger and Instagram.

With a collection of 28 different chatbots, each AI takes on the look and voice of a celebrity, providing a unique interactive experience for users.

In addition to chatting, chatbots will also have profiles on Instagram and Facebook platforms, making it easier to interact with users.

Who are the famous Meta chatbots?

The artificial intelligence used includes prominent figures such as:

  • rapper Snoop Dogg, who plays a character called Dungeon Master;
  • Socialite Paris Hilton as Amber;
  • American football athlete Tom Brady, as Prue;
  • Basketball player Chris Paul is Perry, a professional golfer who will help you hit better shots;
  • Fighter Izzy Adesanya plays MMA fighter Luiz;
  • Socialite Kendall Jenner is Billie, a no-nonsense partnership;
  • Tennis player Naomi Osaka is Tamika, an anime-addicted otaku;
  • Roy Choi is Max, a chef who can improve his cooking skills;
  • Footballer Sam Kerr is Sally, the friend who helps smooth things over.

As shown, each character has their own characteristics and different interaction possibilities, which makes the experience even more engaging.

Snoop Dogg’s character is described as the perfect companion for an RPG adventure, while Paris Hilton’s character is a kind of detective assistant who helps users solve mysteries. Tom Brady’s personality is described as being passionate about sports, cheerful and always up for a lively discussion.

The new product is only available in the United States at the moment

Credits: Reproduction/Meta

The new product is only available in the United States at the moment

What are the expectations for chatbots?

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is promising to add more characters to its roster of AI chatbots in the coming weeks.

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Currently, only foreign characters are introduced and the beta function is only available in the United States. However, the possibility of Brazilian influencers being on the list of celebrity AI chatbots in the future is not ruled out.

According to Meta, although the vast majority of chatbots have updated information through 2023, some, like Bru and Perry, may present some limitations in the conversation, as they do not have updated information from this year.