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WhatsApp: a new function that allows any message to become temporary

a The WhatsApp You want to update temporary message mode. The intent is to allow the feature to be activated even after messages have been sent and viewed by the recipient. Currently, you have to first enable temporary messages so that they disappear after a certain time.

With the improvement, users will be able to send texts, photos, videos, audios or documents in a temporary format, which can disappear after 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days. According to specialist website WABetaInfo, it is possible to mark multiple conversations to be deleted, even in the default sending configuration.

The option is still in the testing phase hidden in a link on the temporary messages screen. So, just click on the email address and you will be directed to a screen where you can choose which conversations the messages will be deleted after the time specified in the resource configuration has expired.

However, the functionality is so far limited to The WhatsApp Beta for Android, but other versions of the messenger may arrive soon. In any case, there is still no expectation of which feature will be definitively released on the messaging platform, everything will depend on the testing phase.

Learn how to listen to WhatsApp audios with your cell phone on your ear

It is common that when we listen to a sound from a file The WhatsApp When the phone is on the ear, playback pauses or expands to the speaker. The situation is rather embarrassing, especially when we are in public.

This is due to the poor positioning of the phone that has the proximity sensor. When there is some movement, it is normal for the sound to stop automatically. This is just a security strategy.

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However, the solution to this problem is very simple, you just need to click on the Power icon again and put the phone differently. Remember that it is not recommended to make sudden movements that can temporarily stop the operation.

How to listen to WhatsApp audio without headphones

The procedure is simple and practical. See step by step:

  1. Open a conversation on The WhatsApp;
  2. Press the “Play” button to play the voice message;
  3. Put your cell phone to your ear and turn up the volume, avoid moving your hand or head;
  4. ready! It is now possible to listen to the message through the earpiece, without having to put it on the loudspeaker or headphone.

An important tip is to leave your finger on the play before placing the phone to your ear, so there will be no need to search for the button.

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