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WhatsApp: A button to filter conversations will be launched soon

The The WhatsApp It always strives to update its messaging system to provide the best experience to its users. The novelty of time refers to a function already used in the business version of the messenger that must also be implemented in the standard version.

Therefore, all users The WhatsApp Chat filter feature can be used. In short, the function allows the user to use a button to filter the types of conversations they want to see. The option will always be visible in the standard version.

The button ensures that conversations are found in a more practical way, simply by choosing among these four options:

  • Unread: Allows viewing of all conversations with unread messages;
  • Contacts: Only the conversations of people registered in your contact list appear;
  • Change Contacts: identifies the conversations of people who are not registered in your contact list; And
  • Groups: Allows you to view conversations in groups that you are part of.

However, it is important to note that the new feature will likely undergo a series of tests in the beta version of the app until it is implemented in the stable version of the messenger. Therefore, it will take a few months for the functionality to be released.

The new version of Whatsapp is making some users unhappy

WhatsApp provides a web version so that users can access their accounts from their PC. Although the choice often makes people’s lives easier, the system does not always work as expected.

At the beginning of April, many users complained on their Twitter accounts about the slowness of the browser Messenger, even after the messages appeared, the date of what was sent before on the mobile phone was not present.

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According to the company, the issues are related to the new feature that allows simultaneous connection to the same account on up to four devices. Implementation has been incremental since last year, but this process still has an impact on users.

How does WhatsApp Web work

Before the new feature, the cell phone acted as the main device so that messages could be accessed from the computer. It was as if the mobile device only “reflected” the content.

However, all you have to do now is sync your cell phone data with the message history of other devices. Thus, it is possible to access information without the need for a smartphone.

When the additional device [computador] main device [celular] It encrypts a packet of messages from recent conversations and transmits them to the newly linked device.

In short, it is as if the new device received a “passkey” for downloading, decrypting and storing information on the cell phone. Thus, after processing, the computer erases this key, but it remains connected to the history of the messages.

On its website, the company explains that “other data requires more than just an initial transfer from the phone,” without detailing what that data is.

However, it is important to note that the messenger uses the synchronization method, which is used when an update is performed by the cell phone. Also, this tool launches when the user adds a contact, mutes a conversation, or marks a message as a favourite.

In addition, the option of stickers or stickers also occurs in the sync method.