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What we know about the future of the Flamengo midfielder

What we know about the future of the Flamengo midfielder

Gerson was the most talked about topic last night after his name aired Barcelona, according to El Chiringuito TV. a ESPN I found that the call came from a mediator associated with the Catalan team and that there is still no offer from the Catalan team.

according to ESPNMoises Lorenz, other teams from Europe wore the number 8 shirt from Flamingo On the radar, like Lyon. However, there is only one offer on the table for Gerson and his cast: Team Ryo.

Much appreciated, Gerson is an absolute starter and an idol for the red-and-black crowd. Above-average performance made soccer vice president Marcos Praz openly admit that midfielder survival is a priority. And that the salary increase will be awarded to the athlete soon.

In addition to the bonus, the “Joker” will continue to renew the current contract, which is in effect until December 2023. The penalty for dismissal when Gerson is removed from Flamengo is about 75 million euros, or about 492 million Brazilian reals.

Flamengo lives a period of appreciation for major athletes. This was the case with Bruno Henrique, Everton Ribeiro and Willian Arau, now the focus is on Arasquita and Gerson. The management will spare no effort to ensure the hero base on Libertadores In 2019.

This Tuesday, Rio Gerson will not be on the field for the match against LDU, at 21:30, for the Conmebol Libertadores. He is recovering from an injury to his right thigh and will be short.

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