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What makes more TODAY, Nubank, or PicPay?  Watch the simulation for 1000 Brazilian riyals

What makes more TODAY, Nubank, or PicPay? Watch the simulation for 1000 Brazilian riyals

When talking to anyone who understands more about finance, we’ll hear investing is a great idea and a habit to adopt. Leave your money for work Alone is basically everyone’s dream, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Otherwise, we’d all be in the same boat.

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In order to invest in any asset, a person must first own the money. In the current situation that Brazil finds itself in, many families live difficulty To provide the basics, so only a minority are actually able to raise a large amount that will make a difference when investing.

When this person gets the amount, another question is asked: where to invest? After all, no one wants to put their savings in a bank they don’t trust or that doesn’t make a lot of money.

Digital banks are gaining increasing popularity in this regard. They have great profit and return on investment deals, which is why they are sought after. In this sector, there are two types of banks that tend to stand out. We’re talking about Nubank and PicPay, although they’re not a bank either fruit Interest for those who invest.

It’s hard to say which is best, so many people get stuck wondering what to do about it. Suppose the person who is going to invest has a thousand riyals, right? So… where do I go?

It has been noted that the Brazilian Association for Financial Planning (Planejar) has made a comparison with this investment in several institutions that generate return on investment. Believe it or not, but no comp Already mentioned here in the first place.

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The leader in the rankings ended up with Banco Pan, whose digital account provides the highest net income – 103% of the CDI – one month later. When PicPay was tested, it ended up in second place, with a score of 102%. On the other hand, Nubank has been a bit behind with only 100% CDI available to its clients.

Seeing Little Purple lose to the others on this list was like a file newsletter, where he helped popularize digital banking and was one of the revolutionaries who made high profits from CDI. For a long time, the Nubank account was the only one that offered 100%, which no other institution could match.

But some things have changed. The competition was increasing. Currently, the account only pays if your money stays there for at least 30 days, which is very negative for some people.

It is also worth noting that PicPay also has give up bone. Until July of this year, the CDI was 105%, but now it’s 102% for balances applied to a Certificate of Bank Deposit (CDB).