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What is the function of the hole in the cap of the pen? We explain!

There are some Features In everyday objects that catch our eye, like, for example, the hole in the cap of fountain pens. The first thing that happens is that this hole is meant to contain some content leakage. But is this really it? Today we will find out what a function is hole in the pen cap.

Object designs have undergone changes over the years aimed at improvements

It was the first manufacturer to develop this strategy BeckBeing a great inspiration to others. Since then, the presence of this pit has become mandatory. Soon, standard diameter measurements were established for the international production of pens.

Marcel Petsch, in 1951, launched the first edition of the world’s most famous pen. Bic refined the familiar design, including functional modifications and started low-cost production.

Among the modifications, technologies that facilitate the passage of paint, the sides that prevent leakage, are included. Another important point is the side holes that equalize the pressure of the pen with the environment, allowing it to be used in high places, preventing the difference in pressure from causing the content to explode.

This hole is usually present in ballpoint pens. The function of the hole in the cap of the pen is different from what many people think, it is not about leak control, it is about safety.

Although it is not hygienic at all, many people tend to keep the caps of the pen between their teeth. Hence, manufacturers keep this opening in order to avoid suffocation if a person ends up accidentally swallowing the object.

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we United States of America, the number of people choking on pen caps is about 100 each year. This is why the function of the hole in the cap of the pen is very important to users all over the world.