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What is the difference between Great Britain, United Kingdom and England?

What is the difference between Great Britain, United Kingdom and England?

In Europe, the term “British” encompasses many interconnected cultures, but behind their origins, there is a distinct geography; The use of this term applies to those born in England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom. But those who believe all three things mean the same thing are wrong, says history professor Witter Sours.

Accumulating more than 25,000 followers on his social networks, history professor Vitor Soares publishes videos of his passions about the best passages of humanity and hosts the weekly podcast “Desventuras” published on major streaming platforms.

oh Teacher “People usually use the three names interchangeably,” he praises in a video, but emphasizes that this is not true. He explains the geographical use of one of the names; Great Britain is the name of the island where England, Scotland and Wales settled.

However, the picture changes when assessing what the UK is; In it, the countries that make up Great Britain are joined by the countries of the island of Ireland, Ireland and Northern Ireland. In this way, they became a political group whose administrative decisions were taken by consensus.

Ireland, no longer a part of this bloc, but joining its northern neighbors England, Scotland and Wales, is developing not only on the executive side, but also their political axis, parliamentarianism, with members. All component countries.

Each country has a good deal of political autonomy but the UK respects the Parliament. It’s a bit similar to the US, where it’s federal, with centralized power, but each state has a good deal of autonomy”, Vitor adds regarding legislative interference.

Finally, England remains, which must be recognized as a country in fact, this component of the two previous things – the United Kingdom and Great Britain -, but it has its own guidelines, which are defined by the local government, which is the monarchy. and represented by the British Royal Family.

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Check out Vitor Soares’ full video below!

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