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O que é a pingdemia e como ela está afetando o Reino Unido

What is “pingemic” and how it affects the UK

While many employees have isolated themselves since being notified by the NHS application, UK supermarkets are now under more pressure to fully store shelves.| Photo: FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA / Agncia EFE / Gazeta do Povo

The UK is experiencing a “pingemic”. Millions of people have been ordered by the government to be isolated at home after contacting people with Govt-19, during which time the country’s diseases are on the rise. Unemployment due to this health measure caused problems of shortage of goods and services.

The incident stems from a move by the UK government to trace the links of those with Govt-19. Through a National Health Service application, Britain receives a warning (Ping) On their cell phones if in contact with the victim. The government then recommends isolation for ten days.

However, thousands of people are being reported to stay at home as the number of Govt-19 cases in the country has increased in recent weeks. While isolation is not mandatory, it has created widespread labor shortages even in sectors where it is deemed necessary.

As a result, markets were having problems with shortages, small businesses were forced to close temporarily and public services were also affected.

How does contact monitoring work?

In the United Kingdom, a person is reported to have been in contact with a victim by phone call – when a patient with Govt-19 is interviewed by a health worker and informed of who they have recently contacted – or the NHS The application is valid for residents of England and Wales.

Installing the Covit-19 app on smartphones is not mandatory, but it has made more than 26 million downloads since it was launched in September last year. Because it reaches such a large number of people, most isolation alerts are made through this service.

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It works like this: when downloading the app, the user authorizes the use of Bluetooth on the cell phone so that the app can identify other users who have been in close contact in previous days. If it tests positive for Covid-19, the application notifies those users and asks them to go into solitude for 10 days.

Close contact is having 15 minutes or more within two meters of someone, such as a bus trip.

However, isolation is mandatory only in the case of routine contact monitoring. The mobile alert does not require the person to be at home, but it is a measure strongly recommended by the British government.

Announced to more than 600,000 Britons in a week from July 7 to 13. The move is expected to be in effect until August 16, according to the Boris Johnson administration.

Why have cases increased in the country?

The number of Govt-19 infections in the UK began to rise in May and soared on July 20, despite at least 68% of the country’s population being vaccinated with a single dose of anti-Govt vaccine. Experts believe that the spread of the virus during this period was related to the rapid spread of the delta variant identified in India, which dominated the country.

Importantly, deaths from the disease increased: from 8 to 60 deaths per day from May to July, something expected due to the rapid increase in incidence. But this number is much lower than the more than a thousand deaths recorded daily in January or April 2020 this year.

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After July 20, the number of infections dropped again – despite the easing of almost all measures to control movement and accumulation in the UK.

What are the consequences for many who are isolated?

Shortage of workers from truck drivers to health professionals. Because of this, small businesses had to temporarily close their doors, with factories unable to meet the demands, which led to a shortage of some products in supermarkets. In some places public services such as hospitals, transportation and garbage collection are under pressure.

The Center for Economic and Business Research (CEPR) has forecast $ 4.6 billion for the UK economy next month.

The British government has followed the guidelines for traders working on essential measures to exempt their workers from receiving warnings such as setting up checkpoints at 2,000 points in the country.

However, small business owners complain that these locations are not easily found and that there are difficulties in registering employees working on essential activities, the Independent newspaper reported.

What does Boris Johnson say?

The Prime Minister says the UK needs a monitoring and notification system to remove all restrictions imposed by the epidemic. He confirmed this week that “Pingtemik” will end on August 16.

As of this date, there is no recommendation to isolate those who have been vaccinated against Covit-19 (Complete Vaccine Schedule) – except those with symptoms. Despite this, the government advises conducting a Govt-19 test on a person with a positive case record.