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What is known about the movement of the super cyclone in the ocean?

What is known about the movement of the super cyclone in the ocean?

a Super Typhoon Hinnamnor،, considered by meteorologists to be the densest on the planet, travels across the Pacific towards the islands belonging to Japan.

The super cyclone advanced across the Pacific Ocean – Photo: Reproduction / ND

This phenomenon is actually a hurricane, but due to gusts of winds that are expected to reach 257 km/h, it has been classified as a super cyclone, which is rare. Meteorologists equate it with a Category 5 hurricane, like Katrina.

It is so “ferocious” that, according to predictions, even five days from now, it will still be a Category 3 storm. The super typhoon, which is located in the offshore region of the Philippines, is traveling to the Asian continent on Wednesday night (31).

The Philippine Astronomical and Geophysical Services Administration reported that the phenomenon is heading towards the Japanese islands, at a speed of 25 km / h, with winds of 233 km / h, but it does not directly affect the weather conditions in the country.

According to meteorologists, its speed is expected to decrease between Thursday (1) and Friday (2). However, more intensification is possible when the typhoon begins its path between China and Japan on Saturday (3).

Most of Japan is on alert or alert, but according to MetSul, the biggest danger is the Daito Islands, southeast of Okinawa. Two other small islands are in the path of the storm, Minamidaitojima and Kitadaitojima. It is not yet known if Hinnamnor will reach the most populous Japanese islands. There is also a possibility that he will head to South Korea.

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