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What is known about ‘anti-bee’ paint tested in England?

What is known about ‘anti-bee’ paint tested in England?

London has begun trials with its strange ‘solution’ attention-grabbing paint.

In London, a curious ink began Tested. The ideal? Prevent men from urinating on city streets. That’s right, it’s an ‘anti-bee’ paint that’s starting to be implemented in Soho, a destination area for night-time revelers, but it also spells trouble for residents.

It’s very effective,” councilwoman Aicha Les told AFP. “Urine [na rua] It’s not very pleasant and our residents are very upset about it.”

The idea to implement Ink came from Westminster City Council after residents of Soho complained about the nightlife. “They (residents) walk out the front door in the morning and smell urine,” explains Aicha. The Ink It has already been tested in countries like Germany and the US.

When applying paint, the idea is to have a repellent layer Water It ‘splashes’ urine as soon as it touches the wall. As a result, whoever chooses to urinate in an inappropriate place gets a real bath with their own pee.


In a sign of a major nuisance, it is recorded that Westminster has spent at least 1 million pounds (about R$ 6.5 million) cleaning the streets, and no urine has been taken out of the account. Therefore, the councilor believes that paint represents a solution to the problem.

Apart from paint, the council is also considering imposing more fines on those who violate the no-urine-on-streets rule. Violators must pay between 50 and 80 pounds (approximately R$ 320 and R$ 515).