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What is denial in the eyes of science?

What is denial in the eyes of science?

The word “denial” is on people’s lips. Commented widely, the expression has been used to highlight the position of some people in relation to the pandemic that the world has been witnessing for just over a year. But what is the true meaning of the word science?

On the one hand, if the expression is increasingly used by people, on the other hand it is important to understand how it is applied in the human body and its effects, reveals Ph.D., neuroscientist, neuropsychologist and biologist Fabiano de Abreu: “Denial denial releases dopamine, the reward hormone. When it defends The person expresses this argument, he wants to prove at any cost that he is right, and therefore when the brain releases it, the person begins to feel happiness, joy and well-being. Defending her argument, she also begins to nourish herself with this positive feeling”

This explains, for example, the position of some deniers on the Internet: “When they are in a state of downfall, they need to find ways to raise their spirits and this virtual medium is theirs. After all, when attacking others and looking, albeit in a negative way, a means To stand out and put your name in the spotlight.”

Denial, in these cases, is entirely related to the need to appear, as Abreu notes: “When you deny something and reveal it, you also experience a state of narcissism. Dopamine in these cases ends up being released, because you want to validate this argument. And this hormone causes Addiction, so there will be an increased need to nurture it. By defending your argument online, you are putting your narcissistic side to everyone. At the same time, your released dopamine will help you get out of the negative situations you were in,” he continues.

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