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What happened to William Bonner?  Journalist explains the absence of “JN”

What happened to William Bonner? Journalist explains the absence of “JN”

William Bonner revealed a health problem that caused him to disappear from the Journal National.

Image: Publicity, TV Globo/Purepeople

William Bonner He underwent surgery and informed the followers of his health condition. This Sunday, the 19th, the 59-year-old TV presenter revealed a program the real reason who removed it from command “The National Gazette” for several days. The disappearance sparked rumors that the journalist had been taken to hospital.

On Instagram, William fumed at the fake news and explained his absence from the news. “No one called me to validate the gossip before posting the clickbait. If they had, they would have known that I had a laparoscopy on February 10th to get rid of an inguinal hernia. It wasn’t yesterday, but 9 days ago and everything happened as it is,” he said. It’s expected in such cases. No urgency, no urgency. So nothing ‘urgent’.

Bonner with a date to get back to work

William Bonner, of Contract renewal with Globo And he postponed retirement, explaining that he was resting at home. According to the broadcaster, he plans to return to work next Wednesday, the 22nd.

“The next day, Saturday, February 11, I was already home. I took time off from work, because the procedure required a few days’ rest—and my bosses advised me to adjust it with the carnival break. Good, because my belly button was beginning to remind me all the time that it was there. I’m fine, thank you.” Greetings to all.Wednesday I’ll be back in “The National Gazette” There in the company.”

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