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What groups receive PIS/PASEP in March?  Check the payment schedule

What groups receive PIS/PASEP in March? Check the payment schedule

a Payment of PIS/PASEP for base year 2021 It started in February this year. You The values ​​will be distributed through July This year, with Refund authorized until December 28th. Each month, new groups can access the feature with a deposit in Caixa Econômica or Banco do Brasil. To check the exact date, you just need to access Digital workbook application.

What groups receive PIS/PASEP in March? Check out the payment schedule (Image: FDR)

At first, the federal government informed it 22.9 million people will have access to PIS/PASEP this year. But the number is even higher, as Databrev discovered it 2.7 million people are also entitled to receive the subsidy, but it was not initially included. Query to see if you were selected in it The new listing becomes available on April 5th.

For this retroactive group, payment is made in April. But the The original PIS/PASEP calendar remains active. The second push month is March, when new combinations will be considered with Pay a minimum of R$108.50 and a maximum of R$1,302 this year. The value goes up for each month of service in 2021.

To find out how much you’ll get, simply multiply the number of months worked in the base year by 1/12 of the current state minimum wage. PIS/PASEP allowance will be paid in Caixa Econômica for private employees. no Banco do Brasil for civil servants.

Who receives PIS/PASEP in March

those who worked At least 30 days formal contract in 2021, and receive a maximum of minimum wage Month. It is also necessary that you have been registered with PIS or PASEP for at least five years, and your employer must have submitted the data.

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To comply with these rules, the citizen must be included in the list of beneficiaries. It is possible to check if it has been approved in Digital workbook application. Payment in Caixa is based on the month of birth of the citizen, while Banco do Brasil uses the benefits number as a reference.

PIS calendar

born in withdrawal from today
January 02/15/2023
February 02/15/2023
He walks 03/15/2023
April 03/15/2023
maybe 04/17/2023
Jun 04/17/2023
July 05/15/2023
August 05/15/2023
September 06/15/2023
October 06/15/2023
November 07/17/2023
December 07/17/2023

PASEP calendar

end of recording withdrawal from today
0 02/15/2023
1 03/15/2023
two 04/17/2023
3 04/17/2023
4 05/15/2023
5 05/15/2023
6 06/15/2023
7 06/15/2023
8 07/17/2023
9 07/17/2023
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