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What does Queen Elizabeth II know about her health?

What does Queen Elizabeth II know about her health?

This is rare Queen Elizabeth II Miss the meeting. So when that happens, the immediate question for many United Kingdom “How serious is the situation?”

Last Wednesday (20), the Queen made a last-minute call to cancel a trip Northern Ireland It aims to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the division of the island of Ireland.

The palace acted quickly to allay concerns about the king’s health. The fears were immediately dispelled when a circle close to the palace said CNN She was in a “good mood”, and pointed to pictures from the previous day, welcoming business leaders, including the Queen. bill Gates, In Windsor.

A source said CNN Queen Windsor was resting at Castle.

However, Thursday night (21), the British tabloid The sun She said she spent the night in the hospital and the palace was forced to confirm that it was true.

“Following medical advice to rest for a few days, the Queen attended the hospital on Wednesday afternoon for some initial tests. She returned to Windsor Castle at lunchtime today and is in good spirits,” a palace spokesman said.

A Buckingham Palace source said CNN Staying the night would be for practical reasons. It was not announced at the time that the king had a right to medical privacy.

By Thursday afternoon, she was doing light work in the office, they said. Also on Friday morning (22), a report said the Queen was still asleep in Windsor.

The palace tries to manage the information it publishes so that people do not worry too much, but some may wonder if the whole truth is being told.

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Another question many ask is whether the 95-year-old king is overly involved in his work, fulfilling all public commitments and duties.

There is no doubt that the Queen is fully committed to her mission, but we are reminded of her relentless approach to her duties despite her age.

Earlier this week, Queen Elizabeth II rejected an award for “old woman of the year” by a British newspaper, saying it did not meet “relevant criteria”. He “politely but firmly” turned down the award with “very congratulations” through his Under-Secretary.

In a letter to Tom Ling-Baker, “The Queen believes you are old enough to feel.

And last week, the Queen’s decision Use a cane in general “For convenience” for the first time.

Queen Elizabeth II first appeared in public using cane / Frank Austin / Pond

Following the movements since he returned Scotland, Where she traditionally spends her summer, the Queen attended the opening of the Scottish Parliament on October 2, before leaving for South Windsor.

For the past two weeks, he has attended various appointments and donations there London, As well as went to Cardiff to attend the opening ceremony of the Welsh Parliament. All this while even at the age of 95 the Queen did not seem to be reducing her ceremonial responsibilities.

Elizabeth has stopped traveling abroad for a long time and has given some responsibilities to other family members, but continues to travel throughout the UK.

Following the most conservative estimate, the Queen traveled more than 1,000 kilometers from October 1 to October 19. This is more for any older person.

The palace’s initial statement that the decision not to travel to Northern Ireland can be viewed with very clear words.

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He said the queen “reluctantly accepted” medical advice to rest for a few days. In other words, she wanted to continue, but the royal doctor ordered her to stay home.

In fact, the Queen has reduced her commitment to focusing on her key constitutional duties, namely opening parliaments and hearings with the Prime Minister and new ambassadors to the UK.

Even if she holds the crown, if she begins to hand over the ceremonial part of the work to her son Prince Charles, It will start to look like a regency. The Queen never suggested that he should resign. At the age of 20, she vowed to serve for the rest of her life, and she reaffirmed it at every jubilee celebration.

In your later years, there may come a time when you are not able to personally attend every event you think you should attend. Time will tell how you decide to manage your busy schedule.

This may be the beginning of a new phase of testing for Elizabeth II, which she may have been thinking about as she unknowingly retreats to Windsor Castle for the next few days.

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