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What does Cruzeiro need to have the best campaign in League Two history?

Photo: Thomas Santos / Staff Images

Searching for Corinth? With Champion Timo’s superior performance in 2008, Cruzeiro could break the points record in Serie B

Leader with 41 points, Cruzeiro has been dreaming a lot in the second division. If he maintains a success rate of 75.9% until the end, Raposa will finish the tournament with a record score.

The biggest mark in the history of the second division belongs to Corinthians 2008. Under the leadership of Mano Menezes, the Sao Paulo team achieved a performance of 74.5% and won 85 out of a possible 114 points. There were only 25 victories, ten draws, and only three defeats in that edition.

To beat Timo’s numbers, Cruzeiro needs to win 15 of the 20 games remaining. So far, the team coached by Paolo Pezzolano has won 13 matches, drawn two and lost three.

In addition to reaching, the heavenly cast is also seeking feats in this Brazilian. “We don’t just want to go up,” said goalkeeper Rafael Cabral in the 2-1 win over Novorzontino last Sunday (17). “We’re going to have the best season in the history of Serie B!” .

Best campaign in the history of the first round

Cruzeiro returns to the field on Wednesday (20), at 19, against CSA. The match valid for the 19th round will be played at Rei Pel Stadium in Macei.

In addition to ending the fast against a rival who has defeated them in four of their last six matches, a victory over Alagoas would set the star team equal to the best campaign in the history of the first round of the second division.

The benchmark score belongs to Vitria. In 2012, Bahia added 44 points in the first 19 rounds. Despite the crushing start, Leo Da Bara lost steam in the second round and finished the tournament in fourth place, with “only” 71.

Considered the best team in League Two history, Corinthians 2008 scored 39 points in the first round. Timo started his title campaign with 11 wins, six draws and two defeats.

Best Campaigns in Series B History:

  • Corinthians – 85 points in 2008 (74.5% success)
  • Portuguese – 81 points in 2011 (71% success)
  • Palmeiras – 79 points in 2013 (69.2% success)
  • Gois – 78 points in 2012 (68.4% success)
  • Vasco – 76 points in 2009 (66.6% success).

Upcoming cruises:

  • CSA vs Cruzeiro at Rebelle Studios (20/07) – Round 19
  • Cruzeiro vs Bahia at Mineiro (07/23) – Round 20
  • Brusk vs Cruzeiro, Augusto Power Stadium (30/7) – Round 21
  • Cruzeiro vs Tompense at Mineiro (6/8) – Round 22
  • Londrina vs Cruzeiro at Studio du CafĂ© (09/08) – Round 23

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