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What changes in Google Photos as unlimited storage expires?  |  Technique

What changes in Google Photos as unlimited storage expires? | Technique

Google photos Will end in Next Tuesday (1) Unlimited storage for HD photos and videos. The change affects how the service calculates the space each user consumes.

The platform provides 15 GB of free storage. Some users may have an additional 2 GB of free space because they ran a security check recommended by the company.

In November 2020, when I announced the change, a The Google It has been estimated that, at the current rate, about 80% of users will continue to have space on the free plan for the next three years.

What are the changes to Google Photos?

Google Photos settings allow you to store your files in two ways: Original quality, Which preserves the images with the resolution with which they were captured, or when very accurate, Which reduces the quality slightly so it takes less space.

The platform actually considers the photos and videos in original quality to limit storage. With the change, the The service will also include high definition images in the count.

But there is a detail: Google Photos will only count HD files saved as of June 1. Those stored before this date will continue to be discarded for available space in the account.

How much does the extra space cost?

In addition to what is stored in Google Photos, an Space is also used by Gmail emails and Google Drive files.

If this happens, it is possible to sign up for one of the more space-saving plans. Prices range from R $ 6.99 a month (100 GB) to R $ 34.99 a month (2 TB).

The company justified its decision to increase the use of the service. Google argued: “This change also allows us to keep up with the growing demand for storage.”

Google photos alternatives

In addition to Google Tool, other photo and video storage services are available. Alternatives also offer free plans that, based on a certain amount of space, have paid plans.

Microsoft, for example, offers 5 GB of free storage on OneDrive. The service has paid options ranging from $ 9 a month (100GB) to R $ 35 a month (6 TB), on the family plan.

Apple also offers 5 GB for free on iCloud. The company has plans to pay between R $ 3.50 a month (50 GB) and R $ 34.90 a month (2 TB).

Here are some tips for staying safe on the Internet: