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What are the chances that PIX won't be free anymore?  See what was discussed

What are the chances that PIX won’t be free anymore? See what was discussed

There is no doubt that PIX is the most widely used method of payment and receipt of values ​​at present in Brazil. It became so popular that businesses had to start accepting it as a way to receive money for their products and services in order not to lose sales.

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Even small store owners have to adapt, as people find it absurd not to have such an option whenever they go shopping.

But the truth is that even the most optimistic people did not believe that this method of payment and receipt would become Success Which when it was launched two years ago, was far less than that in just one month more than R$784 billion would be transferred through the system.

This all ended up generating great fear. With this payment method being used by so many people, how would things be if they were paid for PIX? Some people are afraid of this happening, mainly because news about it is starting to circulate in the media.

Could this really happen?

The good news is that nothing seems to point in this direction. There is absolutely no discussion in this matter, so rumors arose to cause some panic.

In fact, there are some opposing debates, namely that PIX should continue exactly the way it is today. Only new improvements are welcome, but should remain Free.

The reason for this is that the government has a lot to gain from continuing in this way. With PIX being free, it is very easy to eventually use more deals. Therefore, all who feared that this day should come can now be rest assured.

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Remember that among the functions of PIX is the option to transfer money to other people in an easy and practical way. with him everything Users The money transferred can be seen in immediatewithout having to wait days for the process to be processed.

And the best thing is that everything can be done through any type of device running applications with this function enabled, ie many tablets and smartphones.

For this reason, it is believed that about 126.5 million people use PIX today, as it already contains more than 438 million active keys. The numbers differ only in that one person can have more than one key at the same time.

In this way, this function ends up having a file Features In addition to other methods, such as available electronic transfer (TED), bank voucher or even credit order (DOC).