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What are sunspots?  Learn about its main consequences

What are sunspots? Learn about its main consequences

In the mid-sixteenth century, shortly after the invention of the telescope, a cylindrical object that increased Things At great distances, it became possible to begin to observe the sun. After several observations, people began to notice dark spots appearing and disappearing from its surface.

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Many speculations have been generated about what it could be.

What are these spots?

Sunspots are the part of the phenomenon where dots end up appearing on the surface of the sun and remain for an indefinite period. What everyone wants to know is, after all, what are these spots and why do they appear? They are regions where the surface temperature is reduced, where there is the presence of intense magnetic fields that prevent the surface convection process.

This, in turn, reduces the flow of energy inside the star, leaving a lower temperature in these regions.

Main consequences

Sunspots are currently consuming a lot of time and study by many specialists. This is because most solar flares and coronal mass ejections end up being associated with it. The eruptions and mass emissions originate in magnetically active regions, near nearby sunspot clusters.

Therefore, what is inferred at the moment is that the higher the number of visible spots, the greater the number of eruptions and solar storms caused by coronal mass ejections.

Other consequences caused by these phenomena are problems generated in telecommunications satellites, electrical discharges in transmission lines, interruptions in power supplies, as well as an increase in the level of radiation that reaches astronauts. This can cause various changes in the cells of the body.

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It’s no wonder that sunspot monitoring has become so important. It is also necessary to point out that it is necessary to be very careful when observing the sun, because you need some specific equipment for this, such as telescopes and glasses. If not monitored properly, solar radiation can cause irreversible damage to the eyesight of those who do not take the necessary care.