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Weg (WEGE3) approves R$861 million in supplemental dividend

Weg (WEGE3) approves R$861 million in supplemental dividend

wig (WEGE3) approved a supplementary dividend of 861 million Brazilian riyals, equivalent to 0.2052 Brazilian riyals per share. The supplemental dividend, in addition to the JCP announced in September and December 2021, will be paid on March 16, 2022. The company’s shares will be traded with “prior rights” effective February 21.

The company’s shares closed, Tuesday (15), with a rise of 8.02%, on the eve of the fourth-quarter balance sheet, which will be released Wednesday morning (16).

XP expects net income to grow 15% year over year to $852 million (up 5% quarterly). Net revenue is expected to increase 32% y/y, to R$6.444 billion (4% q-o-q increase); And Ebitda should reach R$1.151 billion, up 17% from last year (up 1% from the previous quarter).

Weg (WEGE3): Capital Increase

In addition, the Board of Directors also approved a proposal to submit to the next general meeting, scheduled for April 26, 2022, to increase the capital from R$ 5.504 billion to R$ 6.504 billion, by merging part of the budget balance. Profit reserve for investments in the amount of 1 billion Brazilian riyals without increasing the number of shares.

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