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“We want to break the TV and we can’t”; Rico Melquiades doesn’t hide the agony of seeing his mother on RecordTV’s new reality show


Rico Melquiades was nervous about his mother, Sandra Melquiades’ participation in the reality show A Grande Conquista on RecordTV

© Playback / Instagram @ricomelquiadesRico Melquiades is upset about his mother’s participation in the reality show

Rico Melquiades He was very upset that his mother, Sandra, was on RecordTV’s new reality show, A Grande Conquista, which premiered this week. The winner of A Fazenda 13 spoke on social media about how she felt seeing her on TV and rooting for her.

Anecdotally, this Tuesday (9th), he mentioned he’d be booked again so he wouldn’t have to go through Nervousness rooting in someone close. “Guys, I’d rather be on a farm, watching what’s out here… because it’s so much worse, it’s so much worse!” the comedian said on the social network.

Rico Melquiades – Photo: Instagram @ricoof

In the sequence, he says that he doesn’t like following his mother’s actions only on TV, without being able to stand up for her. “At home we can defend ourselves and outside we watch, we want to defend and we can’t…” he complained.

“We want to break the TV and we can’t because it will cause harm, we want to talk here, but we can’t because it will be cancelled. I would fight in this house with everyone in this house!!!”, he muttered.

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