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“We need science and innovation to move faster” - Sustainability

“We need science and innovation to move faster” – Sustainability

“Sociedade Ponto Verde has been around for 25 years and has had its role and DNA with a mission to educate Portuguese and citizens about recycling, companies that put products in the product and that need alternatives to reach consumers with their products. This invites our activity to innovation and innovation in sustainability,” she says. Isabel Trigo Moraes, CEO of Sociedade Ponto Verde.

He stressed that the roadmap and the challenge lies in working in all areas of the value chain, from product design and packaging to consumer demand and demand “which I believe in the very near future when the consumer buys some goods, he will look for the good in itself but also for the way in which he arrives at your hands,” Isabel Trego Moraes considered.

SPV has 8200 customers, working in a variety of companies: large, medium and small. Last year it launched its Innovation for Sustainability Strategy. “We already have several projects developed with a very wide range of companies in which we put the experience, knowledge and innovation that we also help accelerate at the service of companies and consumers. These goals are not achieved in isolation but in a chain of value, “Isabel Trigo-Morais explained, Collaborative Practice.” It also has Ponto Verde Labs, which is essentially a meeting point and knowledge hub where companies can research information about their internal corporate decisions.

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In his view, the goals are to continue to create jobs and economic value and, at the same time, reduce or mitigate the footprint and environmental impact of the activity. But companies feel the need for “academic and innovation to keep pace with the accelerating need for the transformation that characterizes our times. In packaging recycling, there is an urgent need to accelerate this innovation and the ability to find ways to reach the consumer with more sustainable packaging and change consumer behavior.”

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He adds that “there is a difference in speed, we need research, science and innovation to move quickly to keep pace with this need that companies currently feel are changing their business models and decisions so that we can meet all the requirements globally and goals that companies are currently committed to,” concluded Isabel Trego Moraes.