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"We fell in love and it was you"

“We fell in love and it was you”

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Caroline Dallarosa fell in love with her mother’s story and was raised believing that she was the daughter of a music star

Caroline Dallarosa commented on an unusual story in an interview
© Reproduction / Instagram / @caroldallarosaaCaroline Dallarosa commented on an unusual story in an interview

Caroline Dalarossa Uncover unusual information for a journalist Gabriel Berlin, from the IG portal on Friday (19). The actress admitted to the caller that she grew up thinking she was the daughter of the international singer Michael Jackson. According to the artist, her mother was reinforced by the lie.

Caroline explained that it all started after she auditionedwork outFrom 2014. On the scene, she needed to act within the theory that the King of Pop is still alive. The test was over, and the woman said:I’ve never seen anyone do a test like this, it was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. It was great!’ I laughed and thought:It wasn’t supposed to be funny, what are you laughing about? I said very serious things‘”, He said.

In the sequence, Caroline said that the voice of ‘excitementHe was always present in his life. My mom and uncle were always big fans, and my uncle had a lot of vinyl from Michael Jacksonwas on display in Sao Paulo. My mother would let him play around the house, and she didn’t have much patience to see the drawings with me and my brother, so I grew up knowing all about him‘, is detailed.

The artist explained that her father was always absent, which is why she grew up believing in her mother’s story. arrived and said:Daughter, do you know why your father is not very present? Because you are not his daughter, you are his daughter Michael Jackson. Do you know his clip that carries the Brazilian flag? So he came to BrazilMy mom met him and we fell in love, and he was there. But my mom didn’t want you this life of fame, so we stayed here in Brazil and he came back there, but he loves you so much‘” He is finished.

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