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We cannot ignore NATO’s nuclear capability, says Putin

We cannot ignore NATO’s nuclear capability, says Putin

Russian autocrat Russian President Vladimir Putin (photo) This Sunday (26) reported that goal NATO that it “Old solution soviet union and its constituent part, the Russian Federation ”.

In today’s conditions, when all major NATO countries have declared that their main goal is not to harm strategic defeatso that our people suffer, they say, how can we ignore them nuclear capabilities Under these circumstances?”Interrogated during a statement to the state TV channel Russia 1.

“they [Ocidente] Weapons worth tens of billions of dollars are being shipped to Ukraine. This is really a post.” He said, adding that NATO countries are participating, “Albeit indirectly, in the crimes of the Kiev regime.”

On Tuesday, Putin announced the suspension of Russia’s participation in the treaty. new beginning with we, the last nuclear missile control treaty in force. Valid until 2026, the agreement provides that both the United States and Russia, which remain 90% of the nuclear arsenal All over the world, keep the max 1,600 warheads are on standby.

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