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“We believe in science,” says Moisés when anticipating the vaccination of teachers at SC

In a video clip released on Monday (24), the governor confirmed that education professionals were expected to be vaccinated in Santa Catarina

Governor Carlos Moises, in a video released on Monday (24), confirmed that education professionals in Santa Catarina were expected to be vaccinated on Wednesday (26). At the time, Moses said, “We believe in science.”

Carlos Moises confirms expecting teachers to be vaccinated in Santa Catarina – Photo: Disclosure / ND

The vaccine is our main ally in the coronavirus crisis. So he thought about that, and I thought that the vaccine saves lives, and as we believe in science, a meeting was held between the health secretaries of the municipality of Santa Catarina and the Minister of State of Health and they discussed, and then awaiting the date of vaccination of teachers, ”confirmed the governor.

Watch the full video:

Timetable for education

Educational professionals will be vaccinated gradually, divided into 13 priority subgroups.

The first of them consisted of teachers and assistants working in special education institutions (Center for Specialized Educational Services – CAESP).

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