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“We believe in non-monogamy” – Metro World News Brasil

Nine months after the scandalous breakup between Gerard Pique and Shakira, another episode of this story draws attention. This time, with a suggestion that went viral on social media. A popular extramarital dating platform wants the Andorran Football Club sponsorship of the former Barcelona defender, with extraordinary additional clauses of €50,000 and €150,000 for single players.

This is Ashley Maddison, who offered the former Barcelona player a contract worth one million euros annually to sponsor Pique Football Club for three years.

The platform’s post was shared on Twitter and read: “Piqué, we saw how things developed with your ex, Shakira. We believe in #non-monogamy without prejudice, which is why we offer sponsorship for your FC Andorra team. Your turn”, marking the profile of the player, Shakira , football club and even Karol G and Bizarab.

In addition to the invitation, they have published images of the contract, which was signed by the Head of Platform Strategy, Paul Keble, and is addressed to Kosmos Holding SL, an event company from Piqué, and FC Andorra club.

What platform are you trying to partner with Pique?

Ashley Madison is a platform launched in 2001, aimed at people who are already in a relationship. The name of his website was created from two popular names in the United States: “Ashley” and “Madison”. his motto is “Life is short. We have a relationship‘, which would read in Portuguese: ‘Life is short. You have a condition.”

With this purpose of the platform and Pique’s infidelities, including the main theme of Shakira’s new songs, the ex-player received this proposal, which spread on social networks.

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It should be noted that shortly after Shakira and Pique broke up, the former player was seen with his new partner Clara Xia Marty.

The contract shown includes that logo Ashley Madison It appears on the front of every FC Andorra player’s shirt and is clearly visible at every match. As well as being evident when players give interviews after matches, in microphones in the club’s press room and in static advertising on the pitch.

The most impressive thing about the decade? A clause to be negotiated on any platform offering a €50,000 bonus to each club player who can prove that they are in a non-monogamous relationship and that their story can be published in the media.

In addition, a bonus of 150 thousand euros per footballer, in addition to having a monogamous relationship, admits that he used Ashley Madison to find a secondary partner. The deadline for Piqué and his club to accept the offer is March 15, 2023.

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