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WB Games pode ser dividida após fusão entre WarnerMedia e Discovery

WB Games could be split after the merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery

In Monday’s report (17), the The New York Times Part of confirmed Warner MediaGive AT&T, to me Discovery $ 43 billion.

The two companies are expected to merge in 2022, but it appears that the merger may lead to a split Warner Bros GamesPublisher of the Games Series Arkham Based on Mortal KombatOperated by WarnerMedia.

The potential internal change leaves the WB Games studios, games and franchises an uncertain future for now, the journalist said. Julia AlexanderFrom IGN in the US. According to her, only a portion of the publisher was negotiated in the agreement.

A spokesperson for WarnerMedia reinforced the idea for the site Axios, Explaining that “part of the games section will remain with AT&T and another part with the new company.”

It’s worth noting that WB Games consists of 11 studios, including Rocksteady Games (Triple Arkham), WB Montreal (Gotham Knights), TT Games (Toys Puzzle Games), Monolith Productions (Middle-earth shades of Mordur) e NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat). Many of them have projects in development, already slated to launch in 2022. So it remains uncertain how the purchase of Discovery might affect them.

At the moment, the companies involved haven’t released further information yet. More information on the case is expected to be revealed soon.

The merger between Discovery and AT&T also includes DC Comics and Rooster Teeth.

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