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Waze updates path options to serve users

GPS Waze navigation app will undergo modifications in Brazil. The updates promise to be able to provide more security and convenience to users.

In short, more information will be provided to travelers. This will facilitate making firm decisions on the trip. Moreover, the novelty will avoid a series of inconveniences.

Changes must arrive in the app experience prior to flight. The section will be redesigned to provide a better Waze user experience.

Waze said in an official statement that the options will undergo changes and will end up “providing drivers with information behind the app’s route alternatives, including traffic conditions and real-time reports.”

Obstacles and charges will appear in the app

This way, drivers will be able to access some data that was not disclosed until then. Crowded stretches, obstructions, and the presence of new tolls would be explanations, for example.

When the app suggests a completely different or longer path, the user will know why. Thus the data provided would be “indicating” the reason for the “application path recommendations”.

Check out some free courses

Above all, driver’s freedom becomes a reality in this circumstance. He will have subsidies to decide whether to accept the proposed courses of application or if he faces the difficulties indicated in the future.

Waze claims that the novelty will help in the proper use of GPS resources. In addition, the situation provides more transparency to the consumer and generates confidence in the product.

When the news arrives

The implementation of modifications has already begun and users will arrive by the end of 2021. The updated versions of the application will be distributed gradually.

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This makes it possible to identify errors that have gone through a long verification process. The distribution period also ends as a practical test phase with the final audience.

One of the most popular GPS apps is Waze, which competes directly with Google Maps. The company is present in 185 countries around the world. Currently, it still has 130 million monthly active users.

To access Waze, simply download it from the App Store or Play Store.

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