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Water and Air Carved Landscapes - GAZ - Notícias de Santa Cruz do Sul and Region

Water and Air Carved Landscapes – GAZ – Notícias de Santa Cruz do Sul and Region

Despite the religious traditions and conservative characteristics of the local people, Utah, with its new residents affiliated with high-tech companies, thousands of nature enthusiasts inspired by ski resorts, sports like cycling and mountaineering, and unparalleled. Geometry Natural landscapes of the American state. The natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains, which covers the northern part of neighboring Arizona, creates a unique geographical diversity that seems to take us to other worlds. Since photos, images and descriptions cannot justify what is seen in the logo, the vastness and charm of these places can only be fully understood by being there. Deserts, colorful valleys, river valleys and breathtaking rocks are a testament to the amazing creative power of wind and water.

In a motor home, I traveled almost 3 thousand kilometers with my family and went through many national parks. In southern Utah, Zion National Park (Zion) is impressive, with areas and valleys formed by erosion that were part of the ocean 13 million years ago. In the 1860s, the Mormons arrived and, excited by the beauty and grandeur of the place, thought they had discovered the Promised Land Zion. Leader Brigham Young disagreed, shouting, “Although the place is beautiful, it’s not Zion.” The name “not Zion” lasted for many years, until new researchers abbreviated it to Zion. Dozens of trails, waterfalls, valleys and landscaped gardens stretch between the gentle curves of the monumental sedimentary rocks, ranging in color from white to various shades of red.

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Also in the south, in the state of Arizona, after navigating the beautiful landscapes of the Navajo Indian Reservation, one cannot avoid returning to the Grand Canyon, which is considered one of the natural wonders of the planet. In fact, nothing prepared us to be shocked before the vast, colorful and deep valley 16 kilometers wide and 440 kilometers long across the Colorado River. Always careful to avoid what locals call a “12-second tour” down the cliff, we descend a section of trail along the southern edge to get a panoramic view of the natural phenomenon.

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On the Utah-Arizona border, not even a sandstorm prevented me from visiting the site that was one of my biggest destinations in the area. The setting for the films by actor John Wayne and director John Ford, and managed by the native Anasasi located within the borders of the Navajo Nation, the Monument Valley Tribal Park (Monument Valley) could not have had a more apt name for it. The arid terrain and spectacularly isolated forms of the Colorado Plateau exceed my expectations.

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I thought about the brutal difference between Brazil and the United States in terms of the respect and opportunities offered to first owners in the United States who did not need ecology classes to understand the importance of protecting the environment and their culture.

Another highlight of the itinerary was the area around the city of Moab – another biblical name – in east-central Utah, which has grown with uranium exploration since the 1950s. Since then, miners have been gradually replaced by tourists. Known as the “most beautiful place on the planet” by author Edward Abe, Arch National Park features thousands of arches and towers made of water, ice, salt and air. Early explorers thought that some of the arches were quite perfect and that they were built by lost civilizations. To reach most of them, hiking and climbing are essential. After traversing trails and mountains, we were rewarded with the most impressive creation in the park, which became the symbol of the state of Utah: the Delicate Arch, one of the most impressive natural phenomena I have ever seen. Saw.

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Spiritually, I admit I do not feel like I was in the Promised Land, but I promise that very few will regret visiting the most beautiful American state and one of the most incredible places. In this world.

Aldir Parisi Jr. – Exclusive to the magazine

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