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Watch the very high resolution image of the moon, which took 45 minutes

Watch the very high resolution image of the moon, which took 45 minutes

If you like highly detailed pictures of space beauties, you will spend a lot of time looking at the high-resolution image that American astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy posted this week on social networks. After taking a 174MP photo of the Moon, he was now able to get a larger 183MP photo.

Of course, to get the amount of detail we can see in the image, he didn’t use a high-end smartphone or professional camera, but an 11-inch telescope on an equatorial base—a system that requires two axes, one ground, and a secondary one that allows movement from 0º at the equator.

offer which Recording took about 45 minutes, overlays 180,000 16-bit images, and over 600GB of data.

McCarthy was also distinguished by taking beautiful pictures of the sun and Mars rising from behind the moon, in addition to the pillars of creation, which he was able to record with his low-cost telescopes. His work has even been collected in the documentary Moon Shot, which is available on YouTube.

In spite of everything, the astrophotographer commented on social networks his impressions of the record. “I am not very happy with the outcome of this photo due to the changing viewing conditions. The atmosphere was stable for the first half of the photo, but the conditions deteriorated during the capture process.”

However, he decided to make the photo public so that more people would have access to the material, as well as the technical details on his part.