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Watch the new amount Bolsa Família subscribers should get in 2021 |  Accounting Gazette Network

Watch the new amount Bolsa Família subscribers should get in 2021 | Accounting Gazette Network

The Bolsa Família Social Program currently serves more than 14 million low-income families, and the average amount paid by the Social Program is currently R$192. However, the average amount received by program beneficiaries is expected to increase a lot by soon. Officially announcing the new value of the social programme.

If you also want to know how much new Bolsa Família should pay in 2021, keep following it and find out all that happens with the rework.

The value of the Bolsa Família will depend on the repair of the IR

The definition of the new value of the Bolsa Família is related to the paths that income tax reform will take before the National Congress. The strategy adopted by the government is to use profits from the collection of actions such as taxation of profits and dividends to provide a permanent source of funding for the expansion of the social programme.

Therefore, according to government advisory sources Estadão/Broadcast, the final proposed rate cut from 20% to 15%, as expected by businessmen and parliamentarians, may affect the average amount paid to beneficiaries.

What will the new value be?

Initially, the president, Jair Bolsonaro, announced that the reworking of the Bolsa Família would pay an average of R$300, which is an amount higher than what the government was negotiating, which was R$250.

In addition, after the statements, the son of the president and also senator, Flavio Bolsonaro, announced that the new average value of the Bolsa Família will be set at an average of R$270, according to Flávio Bolsonaro’s statement, and seeks to “correct the course”.

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The launch of the new Bolsa Família has yet to be implemented in 2021, otherwise it will be postponed. The reason for this is that 2022 will be an election year and the electoral law itself prohibits this type of action in an election year. Therefore, the rework should be issued this year, or it will only be for 2023, if Bolsonaro is re-elected.