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Watch how Cruzeiro celebrates with Ronaldo on Sunday

Watch how Cruzeiro celebrates with Ronaldo on Sunday

Cruzeiro’s 101st anniversary celebrations will focus on Ronaldo Phenomeno, the club’s soccer owner. Since being announced as the 90% buyer of SAF, the former player has been behind the scenes even more. Therefore, fans are curious to hear about Ronaldo’s plans for Fox.

The phenomenon’s first contact with fans takes place this Sunday (2) at a breakfast in Toca da Raposa II, on the part of the Diamante members.

Also on Sunday, at 11 am, the club will host a live broadcast for 5-star members, in which Ronaldo will answer various fans’ questions about the move to SAF and his role, as part of his group, for the majority member of the club’s company. Celeste.

The program will also include the Cruzeiro movement for the 20 oldest five-star members who are still active. They will be invited to meet Ronaldo, as well as part of the Diamante Partners.

The traditional club anniversary mass is held in Igreja São Sebastião, in Baro Preto, at 4:30 pm, with a limited attendance of people.

Ronaldo speaks to the press on Monday (3), in an online press conference. Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, Cruzeiro will not hold any major public event as initially proposed.

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