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Watch Amazon's new distribution center in Ceará |  people's economy

Watch Amazon’s new distribution center in Ceará | people’s economy

Amazon distribution center in Ceará (Photo: Julio Caesar)

The tech giant Amazon has already put its logo on a structure located in Anel Viário, in Maracanaú. The company always keeps the Distribution Center (DC) installation confidential in Ceará, even when People She found that her own team was selected to work in the state, in April 2021.

Vacancies were in management positions, with an area of ​​expertise in Itaitinga, in the metropolitan area of ​​Fortaleza and were available on the website of the company headquartered in Seattle, in the United States. The hiring, at the time, fueled speculation about the launch of a Distribution Center (DC) in the state.

Officially, the e-commerce giant has not yet confirmed the architecture of Ceará’s CD, but now, in addition to hiring, the Amazon logo has already been placed on the project located in Anel Viário. wanted by PeopleThe company returned that it “does not comment on future plans.”

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At the moment, in November last year, three new logistics centers of the company were launched in Brazil: in Betim (MG), Santa Maria (DF) and Nova Santa Rita (RS). Over the past three years, the company has moved from 1 to 8 logistics centers in the country.

In May of this year, Amazon announced a new Distribution Center (DC) in Brazil, in Cajamar, in Greater São Paulo. According to the company, there will be 450 new direct jobs and the possibility of hundreds of indirect jobs through the global program Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA – Amazon Logistics).

The area of ​​the new complex is about 57 thousand square meters, which is equivalent to five football fields.

Around the state’s capital, in February, the Ceará government organized an ordinance regulating e-commerce (marketplace) in the state. This action paves the way not only for Amazon, but other players in the sector, such as Magalu and Americanas.

This isn’t Amazon’s only investment front in Ceará. On November 17, the company signed an agreement with the government to establish a center for digital transformation in the country. The project initially expects at least a thousand people from Ceará to benefit from training and competency courses in digital transformation, as well as partnering with public universities. The formation of the first chapters began last month. The attraction of its own data center in the country is also being negotiated.

It is a logistic software being created Opportunities for a full network of business partners Who can rely on Amazon expertise to stock their products and broker delivery.

In addition to direct jobs, service centers also create indirect jobs through the FBA program.

FBA business partners get a Prime stamp on their products, which speeds up shipping for customers across the country and, in the case of Prime customers, with free delivery.

FBA is available to business partners located in the state of São Paulo who operate under the Simples Nacional system.

The program serves a business partner who sends their products to an Amazon distribution center. Once submitted, the logistics, packaging, and delivery to the end customer are handled by Amazon and the Amazon partner.

At FBA, Amazon will offer after-sales service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Amazon even offers an FBA Onsite program, which also allows for Prime stamping and fast and free shipping options.

In this version, the business partner keeps the products in their own warehouse, handles and packages the products, using Amazon’s inventory management tools. The Amazon partner carrier is responsible for collecting the products sold in the business partner’s warehouse and delivering them throughout Brazil. Return logistics are also handled by Amazon’s partner carrier.

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