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Watch 5 exercises to prevent muscle loss and strengthen your legs

Watch 5 exercises to prevent muscle loss and strengthen your legs

According to a study conducted by Harvard Healthy publication, from the age of 30 there is a gradual loss of 3% to 5% of muscle mass, for those who do not usually exercise regularly. That’s why we’re going to do some exercises that preserve muscle mass.

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5 exercises to restore muscle mass

The exercises prepared by personal trainer Steania Xytakis help restore body mass by focusing on the legs, since they are the largest muscles in humans. In addition to gaining mass, they help strengthen the knees and the entire leg. These exercises are good for the Xytakis, as the group works the full mobility of the muscles. Check out my set of exercises below.


To perform the burpee, get into a jumping position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Once you’re lined up, lower your body into a plank position, then jump into a jumping position with your feet straight and your shoulders back. Do the jump with the feet moving up to the height of the hands. When you return to the floor, repeat the plank position and you will have finished one repetition.

chair against the wall

To perform this movement, start by standing with your back straight against a wall, your back pressed against the wall, and then immediately begin to bend your knees until they are at a 90-degree angle with your back and legs parallel to the floor. Stay as long as possible in this chair position.

Step ups

To perform pushups, place a step or step block above your ankle. Place your right foot on the step and make sure your right leg is bent and your left foot is on the floor. Put your weight on your right leg to make the movement go up the step, after going up, return to the ground, starting with the left leg and then the right, when both feet touch the ground, you will have repeated the movement. Continue alternating between the right and left leg to climb the step.

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After performing the three exercises mentioned above, prepare for the lunge. To begin this movement, place your legs hip-width apart. Place your left leg behind your back and lower yourself until your left shin almost touches the ground. Meanwhile, bend your right knee at a 90-degree angle. Then, return to the starting position of the standing motion with your legs wide apart, until you’ve done one repetition. Alternate legs with each repetition of the movement.


Finally, we have the bridges. Lie on your back on the floor and bend your knees. Click on muscles Twist as you lift your hips off the floor toward the ceiling. Keep your feet on the floor and bring your buttocks back to the floor to finish one repetition.