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Was Thiago thrown into the street?  Galisteu first talks about expulsions in 'A Fazenda'

Was Thiago thrown into the street? Galisteu first talks about expulsions in ‘A Fazenda’

Photo: TV recording / playback

Adrian Galistow Comment on Susie Sasaki’s accusations that Record dropped the ban recently farm 14 in the street. According to the program presenter, in response to a post on social networks, the station always leaves a car available to members to go to the desired location.

“Do you really think so? Of course it’s not true. The car takes the participants home or where they want to go,” the presenter wrote in a post by Rainha Matos about the reality on Instagram.

Thiago Ramos and Shayan Hagbein have been kicked out of reality After hitting each other at the end of the field last Thursday, the 20th.

After eliminatingNeymar’s stepfather was seen barefoot By fans on the streets of Sao Paulo. On Twitter, Suzy, who did not enter the show’s premises, said that she and her co-workers had been through a similar situation.

Participants are expelled from reality shows for assault; a look:

The post was deleted, but some Instagram profiles, such as Rainha Matos, echoed the influencer’s letter. In addition to Galisteu, Hadson Nery, former BBB and Power Couple were against the above facts.

“dog [mentira]. It does not happen anywhere. They are trying to give him an image of something poor. “He has to ask for help, if not then for worse,” the former footballer said.

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