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Warn!  The app listed on Google Play has been spotted spying on users

Warn! The app listed on Google Play has been spotted spying on users

According to a cybersecurity company, a well-known Android screen recording app with thousands of downloads google apps, Spying on users detected.

The app co-stealed microphone recordings and other documents on devices. After searching by ESET, it found out that the Android app “iRecorder – Screen Recordermalicious code as an update nearly a year after it hit Google Play.

According to ESET, this code allowed the app to secretly record one minute of ambient sound from the device’s microphone every 15 minutes, as well as steal documents, web pages, and media files from the device.

Initially, when it was released in 2021, the app didn’t have this icon. Only after updates it started stealing user data.

Google Play app steals user data

The creators of the app created malicious code in the app, which was identified as whoreswhich is a variable assigned to Trojans An open source remote access tool known as Ah legend.

You Trojans remote access, or miceexploits widespread access to victims’ devices and can provide remote control, as well as having functions similar to Spying programs that it Chase.

The code was introduced almost a year after it was listed on Google Play. According to ESET, the code was able to steal voice data, documents, and even internet access from this infected device.

After the malicious code was discovered, the app was removed from the Google Play Store.

If you are one of the many users who have accessed the app, experts recommend that you delete it from your device immediately. By the time it was removed from the App Store, the malicious app had already been downloaded more than 50,000 times.

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